Domestic Violence Stampa
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Martedì 29 Dicembre 2009 14:36

Background: Domestic violence (DV), also known as intimate partner violence (IPV), is one of the leading causes of serious injury among women of childbearing age, accounting
for between 2-24% of emergency department visits depending upon the specific criteria used to measure incidence. As first responders on the scene during domestic violence calls where personal injuries have occurred, emergency medical services (EMS) could routinely identify, report and assist victims of violence. Yet, little is known of the prevalence of DV calls in EMS practice, emergency medical technicians’ (EMT) knowledge and comfort in responding to such calls, or how they care for victims.

Study Objectives: The objectives of this study were to assess Emergency Medical echnicians’ knowledge of and experience with providing care to victims of DV in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Method: Data were gathered through an online, short-answer survey. Survey data were
analyzed using basic frequency displays, and descriptive statistics are reported.

Results: Almost 500 EMTs participated in this study, the vast majority of whom (90%)
attended at least one DV call in the preceding year, with 65% attending between 10 and
20 DV calls. The majority of respondents (84.5%) wished for more education and
training on the issue.

Conclusion: EMTs have frequent contact with victims of DV and require specific